A social enterprise, like Re(source) Energy, utilizes commercial strategies to enhance financial, social, and environmental well-being.

By integrating social goals into their core objectives, these businesses distinguish themselves from traditional organizations. Re(source) Energy, as a social enterprise, operates with the dual purpose of maximizing profits and reinvesting them into supporting communities and not-for-profit organizations that do not have access to low-cost clean energy. Through financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable practices, Re(source) aims to provide a tool for individuals and communities to participate and benefit from Alberta’s carbon market and for revenue from Alberta’s carbon market to be channeled toward providing for Albertan communities with less access to low-cost clean energy resources. Unlike traditional philanthropy-dependent models, social enterprises like Re(source) Energy reinvest earned income into their mission, ensuring long-term sustainability.

In essence, social enterprises are market-driven entities that uniquely blend financial goals with a commitment to creating positive social impact.

Re(source) believes its future will rely on a foundation that is built on empathy and inclusion for employees, owners, customers, the environment, and community stakeholders.

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