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In Alberta, grid tied solar panels produce carbon offsets by displacing grid electricity produced by fossil fuels.

Re(source) Energy turns these offsets into carbon offset credits a.k.a. carbon credits that are sold in Alberta’s regulatory carbon market.

Re(source) gives you the ability to create and receive payments from carbon offset credits with your grid tied solar panels with one easy sign up process.

Sign up with the form below and you will receive annual payments for your carbon offset credits while your solar panels are turned on and connected to the electricity grid.

This additional income helps pay off the cost of your solar panels faster and can be used in conjunction with the Greener Homes Grant/Loan, the Solar Club, and the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP).

Annual payment amounts may be affected by the integrity of your production data, market trends, and other factors. Re(source) does not guarantee the amounts shown in our estimates.


Submit the form below to sign up and receive a carbon offset estimate for your solar PV system for a ten year term.