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Here is what you should know:

Grid-tied solar power systems produce clean energy that offsets fossil-fuel based electricity from the power grid.

Re(source) Energy tracks and records these offsets into as carbon credits that are sold in Alberta’s regulatory carbon market.

We give your solar power system the ability to record and create carbon offset credits with your grid tied solar panels with one easy sign up process.

In exchange, we charge a 25% commission rate on the net income you receive from the sale of your system’s offsets. This means you only pay us when you earn money from the sale, ensuring you don’t lose any existing funds.

Our service boosts the return on investment for your solar power system. You can use it alongside the Greener Homes Grant/Loan, the Solar Club, and the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) to enhance benefits.

Payment amounts may be affected by the integrity of your production data, market trends, and other factors. Re(source) does not guarantee the amounts shown in our estimates.

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