Earn Carbon Offset Credit Payments

for owners of grid tied solar PV systems in Alberta

Re(source) Energy

Carbon offset credit development for owners of grid tied solar power systems a.k.a. solar PV in Alberta, Canada

Re(source) Energy gives your solar PV system the ability to create carbon offset credits that are sold in Alberta’s regulated carbon market.
With Re(source), you receive annual payments for the amount of grid electricity your solar production displaces in exchange for your solar carbon offsets.

A grid tied solar PV system is eligible if:

  1. It is under 5,000 kW DC.
  2. It is located in Alberta.
  3. It can provide proof of ownership.
  4. It has a completed interconnection agreement with a utility. This proves you are a micro-generator.
  5. It was installed after January 2, 2012.

The micro-generator must not have relinquished or waived ownership of their emissions reductions or renewable energy attributes in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or using certain government grants/loans and other instruments. Check out our onboarding guide for details.

Re(source) uses COAST to track and calculate grid emissions reductions using energy production data from your solar PV system’s inverter(s).

The value of the carbon offset credits created by a particular solar PV system depends on a variety of factors but with Re(source), a 10 kW DC capacity system may create around $6,221.74 in carbon offsets over the length of our 10 year term

Re(source) then takes an administration fee of 25% of the sale price of the carbon offset credits created.

The owner of the solar PV system will receive annual payments that we estimate may total to $4,202.67 at the end of the 10 year term.


We estimate an average sized 7.5 kW DC grid tied small solar installation in Alberta could receive the following in carbon offset payments over the next ten years:











You can also use our calculator to get a rough estimate for your system size