Carbon Offset Aggregation System Technology (COAST)

Carbon Offset Aggregation System Technology (COAST) is Re(source)‘s proprietary distributed energy resource (DERs) emission offset telemetry, aggregation, and quantification platform. COAST enables remote tracking, measurement, and calculation of carbon offset data in real-time through existing wireless communications infrastructure and eliminates the need for on-site measurement and manual data transfers.

COAST helps Re(source) gather and quantify emissions reductions data from each solar PV system connected to its network without needing to interface with system operators/owners beyond the initial and brief onboarding process and issuance of payments to the owner(s). This means a Re(source) customer will only have to supply paperwork once, when they sign up to Re(source). Once the onboarding process is completed, a Re(source) customer will only have to wait until they receive their carbon credit payments.

COAST also provides the added benefit of constant and real-time solar PV system performance monitoring, so Re(source) can detect abnormalities or interruptions to your solar PV system’s electricity production and inform you as soon as they happen.