In order to start creating solar carbon offsets with your solar PV system, Re(source) needs these six items:

  1. A completed offset user agreement
  2. A copy of your Driver’s License or other eligible form of ID for verification
  3. Your most recent electricity bill
    If you switched electricity providers recently (if you joined the Solar Club, for example), please provide us with your most recent bill issued by your new provider.
  4. A completed micro-generation interconnection agreement
  5. A paid invoice or receipt for your solar PV system
  6. Read-only access to your solar PV system inverter(s)
    Completing this step depends on the make/model of your system’s inverter(s). We will reach out to you directly.

The solar PV system must not have used the following funding/financing programs:

  1. Any grant from Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)
  2. Change Homes for Climate | Solar Program (Edmonton Solar Rebate)
  3. Residential and Commercial Solar Program (EEA or NDP Grant)
  4. Post-2019 Alberta Municipal Solar Program (MCCAC)
  5. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  6. Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator (Edmonton)
  7. City of Medicine Hat | HAT Smart Program (if connected on or after January 1, 2022)

The micro-generator must not have relinquished or waived ownership of their emissions reductions or renewable energy attributes in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), one of the grants/funding programs listed above, or other instruments.

If you are not sure whether your system still qualifies to create solar carbon offsets, feel free to send us an email or book a call and we will help you find out. Contact us